Animal Welfare
At Townsend the welfare of our animals is our primary concern. This is especially critical when producing veal where the normal practices of production would not meet our high standards of animal welfare. All our veal calves are fed a high quality milk replacer as recommended by our veterinarian and they are kept in pens big enough to allow ample movement and 2-3 calves per pen to allow socializing. The pens are across from windows which allow fresh air and plenty of sunlight.

Association with crates and inhumane farming methods, being kept in total darkness, and restricted space to move around in, has made veal unpopular in Canada in recent years. The meat from these calves was white in colour due to the strict milk diet. Canada has banned these methods back in 1990 and has since pioneered the production of rosé veal – much pinker in colour as a result of the larger pens to allow movement for these animals. Manitoban rosé veal calves get more space, bedding and better food.

Townsend Veal
The veal at Townsend is processed when the animals are 18 weeks old. Veal is one of the healthiest meats available due to its lack of cholesterol and lack of fat. Veal also provides productivity for an animal that would otherwise go to waste in the dairy system. Normally, bull dairy calves are killed within 24 hours of birth due to a lack of need.