Veal carcass can add a lot of value in the amount of off cuts it produces. Things like short ribs, hamburger, stewing meats, daubes etc ensure the entire animal gets used and nothing goes to waste. The bones get made into stock and then are given to the dog.

What is a daube?
A daube is a large chunk of stewing meat that is wrapped with two roasting bands to ensure it keeps its shape.

The chef recommends your favourite beer with dishes produced from these cuts

mince-v002-mince-95pc-visual-leanVeal Mince

dice-v001-dice-98pc-visual-leanStewing Meat

brisket-v003-veal-ribsVeal Short Ribs

topside-v005-daubes-topsideVeal Daubes

stir-fry-v002-stir-fryVeal Stirfry