Raise Your Own


Today a lot of people who eat beef want to know that their food is being raised responsibly and humanely.  In addition some people want to know the type of food that their animal is given so they control the food that is given to their family. Some people like grass fed for its health qualities but some want the tenderness and taste of marbling, now you can buy your own steer and raise it to your specifications. You buy any steer you wish, it can be one of ours or you can buy one at another farm and bring it over to ours. We will raise your animals with the same loving care that we use to raise our own animals. You can visit your animal anytime and you control how your animal is fed.

This is how the program works

  1. You purchase a yearling steer from us or from another farm and bring it on over
  2. You purchase 10 800lb round bales of hay at from us or if you get a better deal you can get your own
  3. You purchase 1350 lbs of barley, oats, or corn from us or any source you wish and bring it over
  4. The abattoir comes and processes your steer
  5. The butcher cuts and wraps it
  6. You enjoy beef in the freezer