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Reuben is the Iron Farmer PorkIMG_0384

Reuben is the Townsend Farm manager, entrepreneur and a connoisseur of fine food. Reuben believes pasture raised pork is the best tasting pork available. After much research he decided Large Black Hogs from The United Kingdom were the breed of choice.  Reuben’s registered Large Black herd is reared on rich pasture and wooded forests like their ancestors the wild Boar.  Reuben selected this heritage breed for its dark red flavorful meat that lends itself to the best tasting hams around as well as it’s ability to pasture graze completely in Manitoba’s cold weather. Reuben raises his hogs hormone & antibiotic free without mass feeding of grain for speedy development. Reuben believes that “ a happy pig is a tasty pig” and they don’t get much happier than his. Reuben is 18 years old and has just graduated from Ste. Anne Colligate. Reuben has a natural ability with math and science and has a natural talent for drawing. Reuben is also one of the butchers at Townsend.  Reuben enjoys pigs and is excited about bringing back this old heritage breed within Canada by following a strictly regulated breeding program to ensure only healthy, conforming breed standard hogs are used and/or sold as breeding stock.

sophiaSophia is the Iron Farmer Lamb

Sophia adores animals but is a chef at heart. Her favorite meat is lamb and she truly loves working with and raising her beautiful flock of sheep at Townsend. Sophia appreciates the sheep’s gentle disposition and wonderfully fun personalities. She appreciates the many resources’ sheep provide such as wool and milk and she takes full advantage of those resources here at the farm.  Sophia’s goal is to make sure her sheep are naturally raised on rich pasture without any growth hormones or other antibiotics, the way sheep were intended to be raised. Sophia attends Ecole Lorette Immersion and is multi talented in many subjects such as math, science as well as an avid artist. She has aspirations to be come a veterinarian by utilizing these talents. Her artist abilities include drawing, painting, jewelry making and knitting as well as cooking up many meals and experimenting with the wonderful food produced here at Townsend. Sophia had the opportunity to spend much time in Quebec learning French and meeting wonderful people and learning about their culture. When she isn’t working on her various projects at Townsend she can be found riding and training her horse Smarties.

Annastasia is the Iron Farmer Beef

Annastasia is a natural farmer. Anna is the helper in all the divisions at Townsend and all the animals at Townsend adore her. Anna especially loves working with the babies on the farm and her milk fed calves get extra love and attention. Anna believes that all animals need to be humanly and ethically treated and cared for. She believes that how you treat and care for your animals directly results in the quality and taste of the final product. Anna sDSC05362trives to ensure her calves get the best treatment and love while under her care to offer the best tasting tenderest veal available. Anna raises Heritage Galloway beef cattle, one of the oldest breeds available. Anna chose to raise this beef breed based on their ability to weather comfortably out doors in our cold Manitoba climate and for their efficiency at converting all grass feed to beautiful well marbled juicy meat. Anna believes that selecting the right breed for your area results in a better tasting product with out it being at the expenses of the animal’s welfare and comfort. Anna attends Ecole Ste Anne Immersion and is involved in their music program as lead Flutist. She thoroughly loves all animals and all aspects of the farm and is always willing to help everyone with any needed assistance. She is an avid gardener and enjoys growing different types of heritage and specialty vegetables for Townsend. Anna has a great understanding of animals and horses in particular. She spends all her free time reading, gardening or training and riding her beloved horse Jac.

hyrumHyrum is the Iron Farmer Poultry

Hyrum’s mission is to produce the best tasting chickens while following traditional husbandry methods, allowing his poultry to graze and free range, as they were naturally intended. Hyrum believes that chickens and other poultry should not be caged and force-fed with growth hormones and antibiotics for speedy growth. Hyrum’s chickens are lovingly reared free ranged on 40 acres of French Canadian countryside over looking Townsend’s pond and gardens. Hyrum believes that chickens raised outside with fresh air and space to roam along with natural additive free grain diet produces exceptional tasty large juicy chickens. Hyrum is 10 yrs old and has a passion for humanly treated animals and good food. He attends Ecole Ste Anne immersion and is becoming fluent in the French language. His favorite subject is science and has an avid interest in rocks and is aspiring to be a geologist. Hyrum loves to build and is found daily helping his Father or older brother Reuben building and/or repairing fences, pens or their latest project a brand new huge chicken coop. Hyrum spends his free time exploring Townsend’s 140 acres and riding his bike or when allowed by his sisters to ride a horse around the Sandilands Provincial Forest.

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