Good Food Charter

Townsend was founded on a belief that every product we sell “is good, does good and tastes good”. This ethos is set out in our Good Food Charter, a series of commitments that underpin everything we do. We believe in the value of organic food, grown and produced sustainably. It’s a luxury we can all enjoy.

Good For the Environment

We create a smaller environmental footprint as a result of more locally sourced, seasonal products, less packaging other waste.

1. Treading Lightly

We aim for the smallest environmental footprint and will assess the total environmental footprint of our major products from our farm to your shelf. We’re moving towards sustainable forms of energy and reducing waste levels in our supply chain

2. Local Sourcing

Our products are made in Manitoba and we only use Canadian meats and dairy products. We aim to; source as many ingredients as we can from our community, source fresh feed grown without hormones or supplements, and raise our products without artificial heating. Where we do import we look to source in a way that creates a positive social and economic impact on the communities who grow the product.

3. Less Packaging

Year on year, we will continue to reduce the weight of packaging per product and increase the proportion of reusable or recyclable packaging, whilst always maintaining product safety and quality. We will only use paper and card packaging from well managed sources and will increase the proportion of recycled material where appropriate

Good For Our Community

Provides a fair deal for the people who help us grow and make the food we produce as well as generate funds for good causes

4. Treating People Fairly

We want the people who supply us to earn a fair return on the commitments they make to produce a superior product. We require all our farmers and suppliers to uphold strict ethical, moral, and safety standards with regards to the treatment of their workers.

5. Supporting Charities

A royalty from the profits of Townsend Foods will be given to local charities in Manitoba. We do not contribute to charities which use monies for administration fees or send money outside of Manitoba

6. Preserving Wildlife and Nature

We practice farming that preserves forest habitats and wildlife food sources by avoiding chemicals in the soil and ground water. This protects wildlife and promotes biodiversity.

7. Reviving heritage breeds

We promote the use of heritage breeds that are grown slower and live a more natural life. A happy animal is a tasty animal.

Good for Our Customers

Our food is made using the finest ingredients, the best animals, and uses sustainable husbandry techniques.

8. The Best Natural Ingredients

We insist that all products use hormone and antibiotic free ingredients.  We never use artificial flavourings and colours or m.s.g., hydrogenated oils, or coconut and palm oils in the products we sell. We never use any feed which contains animal by-products or GMOs.

9. Free Range Animals

Our meats comes from animals that range freely, live an outdoor life and enjoy a diet that reflects their natural instincts. We never feed growth hormone or use antibiotics, except for welfare reasons where homeopathic remedies are not appropriate.

10. Made With Care

We prefer to partner with producers that uphold traditional skills. We work with suppliers to create products based on traditional recipes and/or methods to preserve our heritage of Canadian manufacturing and farming and to ensure that products are produced consistently to the highest quality standards. We encourage the growth and use of heritage varieties and native and rare breeds