The welfare of our chickens always comes first at Townsend. Not speedy results or low cost farming. Which is why we can say with conviction, that a Townsend Free Range chicken will taste how chicken used to taste -full of flavour, succulent and tasty. At Townsend free ranging means the barn doors are opened in the morning and the birds are free to come and go as they please.

Types of birds and Pricing

Free delivery is from Woodridge to Winnipeg. If you live outside of our free delivery area but are willing to meet at an agreed location delivery will still be free. See below pricing per pound. If you would like to come and pick your chickens at the farm, or are ordering more than 20 chickens, ask us about our special pricing.


Capon 9 – 13 lbs $4.00/lb.



Roaster 6 – 9 lbs $4.00/lb



Fryer 5 lbs or less  $4.00/lb