The belly of the pig consists of 5 different layers. There are 3 muscle layers and 2 fat layers. Each layer has its own unique flavours and textures. For a long time the belly of the pig has just been used as bacon or gone into the charcuterie pile for sausages. This meat is actually one of the tastiest and richest portions of the pig. The chefs at Townsend recommend cutting the richness of the meat with local seasonal fruits such as crab apples or saskatoons.

Some products of the belly such as bacon or pancetta take time to prepare. Give the butcher plenty of notice if you want bacon (two weeks) or pancetta (6 weeks)

The chef recommends to always use an oaked red wine with pork belly. The acidity of the wine will offset the richness of the meat but you can experiment with cider or beer if you like, let us know what tastes good and we will post it up.