Meat Orders


Townsend bacon is expertly prepared using prime cuts of pork, then cured for flavour. At Townsend the bacon is dry-cured, meaning we cure the loins (for back bacon) and bellies (for streaky) using a spice and salt based cure rubbed into the meat. We let the meat cure in the spices and natural flavours for 7 to 10 days and then the bacon is either smoked in cherry wood or hung and dry cured. Due to the demand for bacon Townsend outsources its pork for bacon. However we try to ensure all the pork is raised humanely and free ranged in the same manner we do here at the home farm. Townsend pork comes from outdoor-bred pigs and is Antibiotic, Hormone, and Cruelty free.

John-Boy Apple
Pork, Salt, Sugar, John Boy Apple Syrup, Calvados, Nitrite

Honey Whiskey
Pork, Salt, Sugar, Honey, Jack Daniels, Nitrite

Canadian Maple
Pork, Salt, Sugar, Maple Syrup, Pure Maple Extract, Nitrite

Brown Sugar Peppercorn
Pork, Salt, Sugar, Pepper, Nitrite