Heritage Breeds


The large black pig was originally brought to Canada from England in the late 1800’s and was a popular breed due to its superb taste and docility but has declined in numbers since the end of WWII when industrialized pork production became the standard practice. The Large Black Hog/Pig is on the Rare Breeds of Canada Conserving Livestock list listed as Endangered (36- 115 Canada wide) it was on the critical list (1-35 new females) as of last year. This means the large black is now more endangered in Canada than the Great Panda in China or the White Rhino in Africa. This breed is special due to its ability to forage on pasture with ease and live without shelter in our colder Manitoba climate. This Breed is very docile and especially friendly, and has superb pork marbled with a great layer of flavourful fat. The meat produces excellent bacon & it’s especially known in Europe for its huge delectable cuts made into Italian Prosciutto, Pancetta & Capocollo.