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64 years after Columbus discovered the new world Queen Elizabeth was pushing for England to compete with the Spanish for the new found wealth in the American continent. Sir Walter Raleigh was commissioned by the Queen to find a way to begin colonizing America for England and in 1584 the first British colony was established at Roanoke Island. The Queen insisted that the colonists take with them pigs from Britain with their other provisions. Unfortunately the colonists were not farmers but city folk from England’s over populated urban areas. Most of the colonists were chosen based on their religious beliefs instead of their ability to survive in an unbroken wilderness. Their governor John White was a painter by trade and really had no Idea how to manage an expedition. The pigs and chickens soon escaped from the early settlers and they were soon starving. Elizabeth gave strict instructions that the animals from England were not to be eaten, the idea being that they could be bred and provide a steady stream of food however the pigs escaped and the new settlers released the chickens into the wild. The settlers subsisted on what the natives would bring for food and stole food from the natives out of desperation.
One account is told of how a native who had been tried for blasphemy, the puritans were a lot better at religion than they were at farming, and was sitting in jail. The now starving colonists made an agreement with the youngster that if he would bring them food he would be forgiven of his transgressions. Unbelievably when they let him out of jail he came back with one of the pigs who were now roaming the island quite freely and were not being molested by starving colonists. In what would become the most productive land in the world White left the colony to return England for more supplies in 1587.  On his return in 1590 he found that the colony had completely disappeared. Too late did he realize what we at Townsend already know, that settling land and farming is not for the faint of heart. At Townsend we know one thing that those early colonists did not – farming is not easy. Animals constantly require care to ensure their health, comfort, and safety. All this care is required with no guarantee of a successful crop. To farm one must be; a mechanic, a carpenter, a boiler maker, a welder, and of course a grassier. Our family also recognizes that after all we can do and with the help of family and friends it still requires the unseen power of God to help our little part of the world become the success it has been.
Several expeditions were taken to try to locate the Roanoke colony but they were never found by Sir Walter or English search parties later on. Even the Spanish tried to locate the colony if only to destroy it but the colonists had completely disappeared. – Maybe the pigs got them
Farm News
Townsend free range Poultry
Hyrum harvested his first crop of Guinea fowl this year and delivered them to his customers. He will have raised close to 400 chickens this year along with guineas, pheasants turkeys and ducks. We are so proud of his efforts and grateful to our customers. From now on all chickens should come in a cryovac bag with the Townsend label. Townsend would like thank Chez Koop for the fantastic labels and design of our logo and the Walders for doing such a wonderful job with our chickens.
Townsend Lamb
Sophia is shipping her first lambs. Sophia is learning so many skills that will help us out on the farm.
Manitoba Grass fed Galloway Beef
Annastasia made the hard decision that Quark really was more of a love bull than the reproductive machine that we were hoping for. He may be destined for the deep freeze. She purchased a new bull, The Grand Nagus, who will be coming to the farm at the end of the month.
Townsend Pastured Pork
Reuben is travelling with his mom to the US to import some more of his large black pigs. We have a Charlotte, a Matilda, and a Prudence entering the Canadian Quarantine facility later this month.