Townsend Farm Tourtiere du Lac Ste. Jean

Equal Amounts of
Grass Fed Roast Beef
Pastured Pork Roast
Free Range Chicken Breast (Both Halves)
Equal Amounts of total meat and potatoes cubed
Roughly chopped onions
Salt and Pepper
1 gallon of chicken broth

1. Make two recipes of Verna’s flaky pie crust pastry
2. Roll the dough to fit a roaster pan and add the potatoes and add the broth to the top
3. Roll the top of the pie crust and crimp onto the sides. Put three holes into the top to
low for extra liquid to be added.
4. During the cooking process ensure there is always liquid present in the tourtierre. Add some liquid after 6 hours
5. Bake at 300 degrees for 3 hours then lower the temperature  to 200 degrees for 4 Р6 hours